No Risk All Reward in Our Network

MES Solutions (MES) is recruiting military orthopedic surgeons looking to increase their revenue without additional overhead or interference with their military career. MES has 40 years of medical consulting coordination experience and is highly accredited in the Independent Medical Examinations (IME) industry. We coordinate both peer reviews and IMEs for insurance companies, law firms, and state and federal governmental agencies. MES has an abundant referral pool from which to choose and a full line of support services for our physician panel - a consulting business without expense.

•           All support services are provided by our experienced staff including scheduling, clinic locations, clinicians, record preparation and retrieval, transcription services, report review, quality assurance and automatic guaranteed billing.

•           MES offers consulting training, errors and omissions liability insurance specific to consultative services, credentialing assistance, direct deposit, networking and speaking opportunities.

•           Depending on availability and commitment, licensing services and travel reimbursement are available.

Speak with an MES recruiter to discuss or review a consulting partnership, please contact us Erica Seversen at (206) 200-7171 or [email protected]


What is an IME?

                An IME is a review of a claimant’s medical records relevant to an injury including a focused examination which leads to the issuance of a report based on questions posed by the insured’s employer or insurance company.  Doctors comment only within their specialty, and the purpose of the examination is typically to determine need for further treatment, causality, and impairment. 

How is my schedule determined?

            Consulting can be performed Monday through Saturday anytime from 8:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. at most full-service facilities. Each provider establishes their own schedule and can consult full or partial days with evenings and Saturdays available.  For states where the volume allows for traveling physicians, MES requires a doctor to consult at least two consecutive days per trip. 

Where are MES Solutions onsite clinics and consulting opportunities located?

            MES is part of the largest IME company in the world and operates in all 50 states. Onsite scheduling is only available in the states with the highest volume including: Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington.  However we are always looking to add onsite locations, so if have interest, please reach out!

MES only provides license support and travel reimbursement to Washington and Oregon at this time.