AANA/SOMOS Traveling Mini-Fellowship

This is the first year that AANA and SOMOS have come together to offer a Mini-Fellowship program. The Mini-Fellowship training module will provide two trainees per year with the opportunity to complete a two-week apprenticeship with a senior AANA Master Instructor at their institution. The trainee will participate in all aspects of the clinical and surgical experience as well as complete supplementary hands-on and cadaveric training. Military trainees from across the Military Health System will apply annually and will be selected based on the order of merit list generated from the open call for participation. Participating Mini-Fellowship Training site include, but are not limited to, the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN and Scottsdale, AZ), Tulane (New Orleans, LA), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), Rush University (Chicago, IL), University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), and Southern California Orthopaedic Institute (Van Nuys, CA).Funding will support travel for trainees to conduct in-depth subspecialty mini-fellowships at an arthroscopic center of excellence. Training will take place for two weeks.

  • All active duty staff surgeons are encouraged to apply, including new residency and fellowship graduates.
  • All interested staff surgeons may apply; even if >3 years out from training.
  • Trainees will be selected based on order of merit from an open call for participation annually.

2021 Dates: TBD