MOTION stakeholders across MTFs will work with shared common goals and core values to guide the field of MSKI outcomes research toward a future in which we address the largest source of disability worldwide as well as Military readiness impairment, non-deployable status, and separation within the US Military with all stakeholders devoted to working towards a shared pledge of improving MSKI outcomes based on both patient and surgeon perspectives. Stakeholders will address, achieve and sustain the mission and vision of MOTION and the MHS Quadruple Aims of Better Health, Better Care, Improved Readiness and Lower Cost for MSKI using the MOTION platform. The overarching goal of all stakeholders is optimizing outcomes for MSKI and achieving health outcomes that matter most to both patients and providers. Specifically, to improve military health and readiness, mitigate long-term physical detriments following injury, promote military career longevity, and improve quality of life during and post-military service.

Patients will complete patient reported outcomes assessments that drives military readiness, quality of care and value. They may also participate in improving outcomes by collaborating with stakeholders.

Providers are committed to providing patient-centered care with metrics to measure excellence, to optimize the well-being, health and care experiences of patients and engaging in collaborative research to optimize military specific clinically relevant MSKI outcomes. They will complete intra-operative forms and identify, update, harmonize and implement best clinical practices for MSKI across all MTFs.

MOTION Corps is a central hub that will provide the structure, governance, funding, and management to perform all necessary activities to support this effort. It is also responsible for the “well-being” of our stakeholders, acknowledging the unique contributions of each, ensuring recognition for efforts that matter to them while providing a rewarding experience for surgeons. It will encourage and empower them to take intelligent risks with forward thinking ideas to support innovation, embrace meaningful change in an openly collaborative environment to deliver the best outcomes of MSKI and to develop evidence- and value-based clinical practice guidelines.

As the central data hub and repository of data from all MTFs it is an owner, custodian, steward and provider of data. The MOTION platform is an ecosystem of data and tools enabling collaborative data analysis in an analytic data sandbox. It is a continuously learning, flexible enterprise system of bidirectional information flow, leveraging existing information technology platforms and infrastructure within the DoD through DHA portal, CarePoint - Clinical Assessment Management Portal (CAMP). It will provide the high-level IT technologies and agile analytics for data mining, data visualization, statistical analysis with data intelligence to help make more data-driven, value and evidence based decisions related to MSKI accessing data and results from disparate military data sources and MOTION assessments.