Clinical Rotations/Sample Matrix with explanation of in-house, local community rotations, and away rotations

Intern- Pediatric Ortho NMCP, Trauma General Surgery Sentara (2 1mo blocks), Joints NMCP, General Surgery NMCP, Sports, Plastic surgery NMCP, Hand NMCP, Foot and Ankle/Trauma NMCP, Anesthesia NMCP, Emergency Medicine NMCP, Neurosurgery NMCP
2nd Year- Trauma NMCP, Hand NMCP, Sports NMCP, Pediatrics NMCP, Spine NMCP
3rd Year- Joints/Oncology NMCP, Spine NMCP/Obici Civilian Spine, Tampa-Trauma, Night float
4th Year- Trauma-Sentara VA Beach, New England Baptist-Joints, Pediatrics NMCP/CHKD peds, Hand NMCP
5th Year- Foot and Ankle/Trauma NMCP, Sentara Norfolk General Trauma, Joints NMCP, Sports NMCP

Didactic Schedule including opportunity for labs/simulations
Orthopaedic Boot camp/orientation

Cadaveric dissections, prosections

OITE review
Subspecialty weekly focused lectures, and question review
Subspecialty days with associated cadaver labs
Professional symposium every other year

Journal Club Structure
Monthly departmental journal club, weekly within in-house specialty teams

Clinical Sites
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Trauma, Sentara Obici Hospital Spine, Sentara Virginia Beach Trauma, CHKD Pediatric Orthopedics, New England Baptist Joints, Tampa General Hospital Trauma

Call Requirements
Intern- call during week until 10pm, weekends 24hr; 2nd year during week until 2000, weekends 24hr, 3rd year- night float rotation x 3months, then at local Trauma hospital every 3rd weekend for 24hr shift, 4th-5th year- at home call during week 1600-0600, weekends.

Mentorship Program
Yes, individual and class year mentorship program

Opportunity for Meeting Attendance
Yes at Virginia Orthopedic Society, SOMOS annual meeting, AAOS annual meeting, POSNA, other national society meetings

Does the program provide Loupes/Lead
Yes, Loupes, Leaded glasses and lead thyroid shield.

Does the program provide any textbook funding