Board of Directors

Joseph Stuart, MD

1st Vice President
Scott Tintle, MD

2nd Vice President
Daniel Stinner, MD

Immediate Past President
Jonathan Dickens, MD

Jennifer Smith, MD

Managing Director
Kory Cornum, MD

Education Committee Chair
Michelle Gosselin, MD

Membership Committee Chair
Andrew Sheean, MD

Research Committee Chair
Brian Barlow, MD

Social Media Committee Chair
Christopher Tucker, MD

DEI Committee Chair
Marvin Dingle, MD

Consultant Army
B. Kyle Potter, MD

Consultant Navy
Douglas Pittner, MD

Consultant Air Force
Joseph Stuart, MD

Board of Counselor Representative - Army
Christopher Belyea, MD

Board of Counselor Representative - Navy
James Bailey, MD

Board of Counselor Representative - Air Force
Travis Dekker, MD

Annual Meeting Program Committee co-Chairs
Bryan Lawson, MD
Travis Dekker, MD

Army Resident Representative
Patrick Mescher, MD

Navy Resident Representative
Sarah Nelson, MD

Air Force Resident Representative
Mikalyn DeFoor, MD

Reserve Representative
James Ninomiya, MD, MS

Member at Large
Matthew Provencher, MD
Mark Pallis, DO

International Representative
Ian Young, MD