Program Overview/ Philosophy

Our program aims to graduate highly competent, well-rounded Orthopaedic surgeons capable of providing excellent clinical care to military service members and their families. Graduates can adapt and thrive in a variety of clinical settings, including forward- deployed, austere environments. We constantly continue to develop the skills and capabilities of its teaching faculty, both through a structured faculty development curriculum and by continuing to welcome the most challenging and complex Orthopaedic practice referrals in the military. We continue to develop our research capabilities in order to provide leading clinical, basic-science, and bio-mechanical research that will benefit the Orthopaedic community worldwide.

Visiting Student Info

Selection to the Orthopaedic Surgery residency at NMCSD is highly competitive and vetted from a field of strong academic candidates. The application process is open to all US Navy Medical Corps officers, HPSP and USUHS MS IV students. Medical students in their third and fourth years are highly encouraged to rotate with the program. MS IV acting-internships typically take place from July to October of each academic year.

Upon arrival, the student will be assigned to a specific team. Students who have rotated at Naval Medical Center San Diego obtain an unparalleled experience as they assimilate into all aspects of the orthopaedic team. The student will share clinical responsibilities, participate in emergency care, and assist with cases in the operating room, and function as a junior member of the team. The rotation is also an excellent time to learn more about the residency program and application guidelines.

The NMCSD Orthopaedic residency program schedules 4 interview days for prospective applicants from July to early October. These are typically scheduled on a Friday and consist of multiple interviews with faculty and residents. If these dates are not accommodating to applicants’ schedules, the program will make arrangements to have applicants interview with the program director and department leadership before the GME selection board. All applicants will be afforded an interview with the program.

USUHS/HPSP/HSCP students have administrators at NMCSD who can assist with scheduling of rotations. Please contact these medical student administrators below to schedule your clerkship. If you have any difficulty with scheduling, contact the Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Coordinator.

Mr. Fernando Patron (onboarding and in-processing)
USU Western Region Executive Assistant
[email protected]
[email protected]
USU Regional Offices, Bldg 5-1
O: 619-532-6671
C: 301-385-1324

LT Jonathan Porter;
Phone: (619) 251-8552
email: [email protected]