Clinical Rotations/Sample Matrix with explanation of in-house, local community rotations, and away rotations – There are five rotations, each ten weeks long except for the middle rotation, which is 12 weeks. The rotations are constantly changing to best support resident experience and case volume.

Rady – Local Children’s hospital with weekly overnight and weekend call, approximately 17 nights per rotation
Hand – NMCSD (Naval Medical Center San Diego) rotation focusing on upper extremity operative and nonoperative treatment, weekend in house call only
TONC – Trauma/Oncology rotation at NMCSD and UCSD (University of California, San Diego), weekend in house call only
UCSD – UCSD Orthopedic Trauma at level 1 trauma center, overnight weekday and weekend call, approximately 20 days/nights per rotation
NIGHTFLOAT – NMCSD Night float, primary in house call Sunday night through Thursday night
CASTROOM – Outpatient orthopedic acute care clinic at NMCSD 5 days per week, day call only, no night/weekend call
SPINE -NMCSD Inpatient/outpatient spine, weekend in house call only
JOINTS – NMCSD Inpatient/outpatient adult major joint reconstruction, weekend in house call only
SPORTS – NMCSD Outpatient orthopedic sports, weekend in house call only
DENVER – Denver (In Colorado) Health Level 1 Orthopedic Trauma, Senior home call weekday with 2 weekends per rotation
JOINTS – Denver (In Colorado) Adult Major Joint Reconstruction, Senior weekend call only
SDSF – San Diego Spine Foundation, Inpatient/Outpatient Orthopedic Spine, Senior NMCSD weekend call only
F&A – NMCSD Orthopedic Foot and Ankle, Senior NMCSD weekend call only
HAND – NMCSD Orthopedic Hand, Senior NCMSD weekend call only
SUPERCHIEF – Penultimate rotation – Primary senior call from Monday through Friday, covers all trauma cases, both outpatient and inpatient, at NMCSD. Coordinates all OR scheduling for trauma service, including equipment/sets, table, and personnel.
SPORTS (PGY5) – Ortho sports, Senior NCMSD weekend call only
PEDS – Pediatric Orthopedics, Senior NCMSD weekend call only
SHARP JOINTS – Sharp San Diego Medical System Adult Major Joint Reconstruction, Senior weekend call only
KAISER TR/SH – Kaiser Medical System Trauma and Shoulder Surgery, Senior weekend call only

Didactic Schedule including opportunity for labs/simulations

Academics at Balboa consists of a combination of lectures, presentations, department-wide conferences and hands-on cadaver sessions. Our department also combines approximately 10 times a year with UCSD's Orthopaedic Department for grand round talks, visiting professors and participates in joint academic endeavors, conferences, and bioskills events in the local San Diego area.

Wednesday NMCSD Academic Schedule:
1400-1500: Anatomy
1500-1600: Fx Rounds
1600-1700: Case Conference
1700-1800: Resident led OITE academics

On a monthly basis:
- Department Journal Club
- Peer Review Conference

Funded Resident Courses / Meeting:
- AO Trauma Basic Principles Course (PGY-2)
- AAOS Annual Meeting, Combat Ortho Trauma Surgery (COTS+) Course (PGY-5)
- SOMOS Annual Meeting (research presentation)
- AANA Arthroscopy (supplemental)
- Maine Ortho Board Review Course (PGY-5) (supplemental)

Annual Curriculum Events:
- Scott Kozin Visiting Professor Day (Jul)
- Intern Boot Camp, Resident Retreat (Aug)
- OREF or NMCSD/UCSD Resident Research Day (Oct)
- UCSD Visiting Professor Day, Orthopaedic In-training Exam (OITE) (Nov)
- SOMOS Annual Meeting, Holiday Party (Dec)
- San Diego Orthopaedic Society Meeting (Jan)
- Michael Mazurek Visiting Professor Day (Feb)
- AAOS Annual Meeting (Mar)
- Resident Roast, Resident Graduation, Professional Development Day (Jun)

Journal Club Structure:
Monthly journal club by team (5 teams, 1 from each PGY level). Competition with points awarded for best presentation and paper. Winning team at end of year taken out for steak dinner with Program Director.

Clinical Sites
Please see above matrix.

Call Requirements
Please see above matrix.

Mentorship Program
Two mentorship programs with each resident having one staff mentor. Within residents each Senior resident (PGY4/PGY5) is a mentor for each Junior resident (PGY2/PGY3)

Opportunity for Meeting Attendance
PGY5 attend Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS) and American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). Other classes go to any meeting at which they are presenting and as clinical caseload and call coverage allow.

Does the program provide Loupes/Lead
The program provides Loupes with headlamp.

Does the program provide any textbook funding
One book/book set per year.