Meeting Assistance Fund

Drastic changes in the Federal Budget continue to erode the already limited Military support for CME and meeting attendance.  Consequently, a significant number of our active duty colleagues are unable to obtain the resources necessary to attend the annual SOMOS meeting. This has created a very difficult situation, whereby many of our active duty partners find themselves unable to participate in what is arguably the most relevant military medical meeting of the year for the active duty orthopedic surgeon. 

As members of the Orthopaedic Community, we cannot stand by and allow this to happen. We have the ability to help mitigate this situation if we will step up and make a commitment to assist our comrades. The request is very simple: Will you commit to help fund active duty military SOMOS members by providing a tax deductible contribution to the SOMOS Travel Assistance Fund? Every dollar contributed will go directly to assisting with the travel and lodging for our active duty partners.  Many of us have served with these men and women, or we have walked in their shoes through the challenges of military life. Now is the time to demonstrate our support, in a tangible way, to those who continue to serve our country in uniform. If each senior or former military member of SOMOS would contribute to the fund, we would have the resources available to meet the needs of these men and women.  

Thanks to funds like this one, SOMOS has been able to fund over 100 active duty military surgeons to attend the SOMOS meeting each year – just under half our total meeting attendance. Please help us keep this going!