Military Advanced Surgical Training (MAST)

The Military Advanced Surgical Training (MAST) represents several years of work to fund and establish the ideal arthroscopic curriculum for our membership.  MAST is made possible by the tremendous efforts from Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA), especially Rob Hunter and the SOMOS leadership, especially the specialty consultant leaders Drs. Pallis, Potter, Nanos, Pittner, Cox and Gower.  

The inaugural year for the MAST program will continue to offer the Annual SOMOS AANA Arthroscopy Course for 48 participants August 6-8, 2021 at the OLC in Rosemont, IL.  

Drs. Kelly Kilcoyne and Brian Barlow will serve as the inaugural MAST Directors.  They have been hard at work to put in place an unbelievable educational opportunity in this inaugural year.  Below are four new and exciting training opportunities that are available in 2021!

AANA OLC Courses (2 trainees/yr)

  • Attend any available AANA OLC course hosted at the OLC in Chicago, IL.
  • Applications will open Apr 12th. - Apply here
  • Priority is given to junior staff physicians but applications are open to senior residents, senior staff and any active SOMOS members.
  • Ideal candidates will be subspecialty trained or will seek to develop subspecialty training in an applicable area.  

AOSSM/AANA Combined 2021 Annual Meeting (2 scholars/yr)

  • Attend this year’s AOSSM/AANA Combined 2021 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN July 8-11 as an AANA Scholar. 
  • Applications opened Mar 24th - Apply here
  • Ideal applicants are senior orthopaedic residents with a career interest in arthroscopy but any SOMOS member may apply. 

AANA Visiting Professor (1/yr)

  • Orthopedic departments apply to host a distinguished civilian visiting professor from AANA for 1 week in the 4th quarter of 2021.  The department should plan an academic program to possibly include:  journal clubs, surgical mentorship, clinic experience, cadaveric laboratory time, and a social experiences that shares the military culture and profession. 
  • Opportunities that create an excellent surgical experience and distribute educational content to surrounding MTFs are encouraged.
  • Applications will open Apr 12th - Apply here
  • The selection of the visiting professor will be determined by the AANA Education Committee to best meet the needs of the program.

Mini-Fellowship (2/yr)

  • SOMOS members may apply to complete a two week in-person apprenticeship with a senior AANA Master Instructor.
  • Priority is given to junior staff physicians but will consider senior/chief residents, senior staff and active SOMOS members.
  • Applications will open in May - Apply here
  • Selection of the mentor will take into consideration the trainee’s preferences if at all possible and will be coordinated with the AANA Education Committee.