Military Orthopaedics Tracking Injuries and Outcomes Network (MOTION) will provide superior patient outcomes from both patient and surgeon perspectives for musculoskeletal injuries (MSKI) that is essential for Military readiness.

This will be accomplished by:

  • Establishing a sustainable DoD-wide enterprise system with metrics for excellence in collecting, validating and evaluating patient reported outcomes and associated surgeon assessments.
  • Equitable research partnerships that address important gaps in military-relevant MSKI research to optimize MSKI outcomes that matter to patients and the Military.
  • Surgeons committed to excellence and dedicated to providing patient centric, value-based care with best clinical practices.

MOTION will have meaningful impact through our work guiding the field of MSKI outcomes research towards a future in which we address the largest source of disability, non-deployable status, and separation within the United States Military to optimize the return to duty rates and times, mitigate long-term physical detriments, promote military career longevity, and improve post-military service quality of life.