Paper/Poster Awards

Founders' Award

The Founders' Award recognizes the best original paper with military relevance. This award was established in 1987 by Major General (Ret.) George I. Baker and Colonel (Ret.) Howard G. Abbott.

2021 Winner - Capt Dawn M. Rask, MD
"Major Amputation Case Volume in the Military Health System"

2019 Winner - CPT Kyle J. Klahs, DO
"Nerve Repair Using Processed Nerve Allograft in the US Military"

2018 Winner - LTC Jerome M. Benavides, MD, MBA
"The Association of Vitamin D Levels and Stress Fractures of the Lower Extremity in Military Recruits"

2017 Winner - LT Benjamin W. Hoyt, MD
"Intra-Wound Application of Antibiotic Powder Decreases Deep Infection and Reduces Severity of Heterotopic Ossification in Combat-Related Major Lower Extremity Amputations"

2016 Winner - Col Brett A. Freedman, MD
"Continual Near Infrared Spectroscopy Monitoring in the Injured Extremity at Risk for Acute Compartment Syndrome - Results of a Prospective, FDA-IDE Trial"

2015 Winner - CPT David J. Tennent, MD
“Decreasing Infection in Traumatic Orthopaedic Wounds with Local Antibiotics: A Contaminated Fracture Model"

2014 Winner - MAJ Jaime Bellamy, MD
Is Ketorolac the Next Intra-Articular Knee Injection for Osteoarthritis?"

2013 Winner - CPT Jeanne Patzkowski, MD
Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Initiative Results in Rapid Improvement"

2012 Winner - Major Neil Michael Walker, BSc (Hons) MBChB MRCS
Infection After Combat-Related Limb Trauma" 

2011 Winner - LTC Brett D. Owens, MD
Military Movement Training Program Improves Jump Landing Mechanics Associated with ACL Injury Risk”

2011 Winner - LCDR Christiaan Mamczak, DO
An Analysis of the Presenting Injury Patterns and Initial Treatment for Patients with IED-Related Bilateral Lower Extremity Amputations in Afghanistan”

2010 Winner - CPT Jessica D. Cross, MD
Return to Duty Following Type III Open Tibia Fracture”

2009 Winner - CPT Gens P. Goodman, DO
Disease and Non-Battle Injuries Sustained by a US Army Brigade Combat Team during Operation Iraqi Freedom”

Norman T. Kirk Award

The Norman T. Kirk Award recognizes the best scientific paper by a military Orthopaedic resident. This award is in honor of Dr. Norman T. Kirk, United States Army Surgeon General, 1943-1947.

2021 Winner - CPT Patrick K. Mescher, MD
"Clinic-Based Hand Surgery Procedure Room: A Performance Improvement Analysis of Resource Savings and Patient Satisfaction"

2019 Winner - CPT Spencer S. Schulte, MD
"Impact of Fascia Iliaca Block on Pain, Opioid Consumption, and Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Hip Fractures: A Prospective, Randomized Study"

2018 Winner - CPT Patrick D. Grimm, MD
"Controlling Axonal Regeneration with Acellular Nerve Allograft Reduces Neuroma Formation following Peripheral Nerve Transection in Both a Rodent and Swine Model"

2017 Winner - LT Benjamin M. Wheatley, MD
"Palovarotene Dampens Local And Systemic Inflammation As Well As Osteogenic Connective Tissue Progenitor Cell Activity In A Rat Model Of Trauma-Induced Heterotopic Ossification"

2016 Winner - CPT James B. Deal, MD
"Early Versus Delayed Weightbearing After Microfracture For Osteochondral Lesions Of The Talus: A Prospective Randomized Trial"

2015 Winner - LCDR Lucas S. McDonald, MD, MPH, TH
"ACL Deficiency Alters Loading on the Medial Femoral Condyle and the Lateral Meniscus with Rotatory Loads"

2014 Winner - LT Louis Lewandowski, MD
“Early Complications and Outcomes in Combat Injury Related Invasive Fungal Infections: A Case-Control Analysis”

2013 Winner - CPT Chad A. Krueger, MD
“Effects of Local Delivery of D-Amino Acids from Biofilm-Dispersive Scaffolds on Infection in a Contaminated Rat Defect Model”

2012 Winner - CPT Matthew A. Napierala, MD
“Risk of Obtaining Routine Cultures During Presumed Aseptic Orthopaedic Procedures” 

2011 Winner - CPT(P) Jonathan F. Dickens, MD
“Postoperative Management Following Anatomical Reconstruction of the Lateral Ankle Ligament”

2010 Winner - MAJ James M. Mok, MD
“Comparison of Adjacent Segment Motion Following ACDF Versus Cervical Disc Arthroplasty: Analysis from a Randomized, Controlled Trial with 2 Years Follow-up”

2009 Winner - MAJ Jaime D. Bulken-Hoover, MD
“Progenitor Cells Derived from Traumatized Muscle as Trophic Mediators in a Novel Peripheral Nerve Graft”

Louise House Award

The Louise House Award recognizes the best original poster presentation with military relevance as determined by the Tri-Service Awards Committee Members.

2021 Winner - CPT Marc Nicholes, DO
"Stenosing Tenosynovitis: Trends in Treatment"

2019 Winner - LT J. Preston Van Buren, DO
"Multimodal Pain Management following Orthopaedic Sports Procedures and Limiting Opioid Use"

2018 Winner - MAJ Joseph W. Galvin DO
"A Guide to Understanding Reimbursement and Value-Based Care in the Military Health System"

2017 Winner - LT Kyle E. Nappo, MD
"One Military Treatment Facility’s Experience With A Fracture Liaison Service"

2016 Winner - LTC Marcin M. Wojtkowski, MD
"Description Of The Patient's Health Profile Veteran PMC Afghanistan Based On An Assessment Of Post-Traumatic Musculoskeletal Injuries"

2015 Winner - CPT Nicholas A. Kusnezov, MD
"Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome of the Lower Leg: A Systematic Review"

2014 Winner - CPT Donald Hope, MD (presented by CPT Gabriel J. Pavey, MD)
“Evaluation of Early Heterotopic Ossification and the Effects of Bioburden in an Established Rat Model”

2013 Winner - MAJ Brian R. Waterman, MD
"Long Term Failure of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Systematic Review"

2012 Winner - Eric D. Shirley, MD
"Results of an Alternative Hybrid Construct for the Correction of Idiopathic Scoliosis"

2011 Winner - CPT Katherine Bedigrew, MD
"Do Foot Fasciotomies Really Prevent Neuropathic Pain and Deformity?"

2010 Winner - CPT Jessica D. Cross, MD
"Impact of Traumatic Arthritis on a Cohort of Combat Casualties"

2009 Winner - MAJ Scott M. Waterman, MD
“Comparison of Negative Pressure Dressing in a Contaminated Open Fracture Model”

Jamie Dianne Bulken-Hoover Memorial Best Hand Paper Award

The Bulken-Hoover Award recognizes the best original Hand Paper with military relevance as determined by the Tri-Service Awards Committee Members.

2021 Winner - CPT Anthony N. Gavalas, MD
"Return to Military Duty after Intra-Articular Distal Radius Fracture"

2019 Winner - Colin S. Black, MS3
"Ultrasound Measurement Criteria for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Which is Best?"

2018 Winner - LT Sameer Saxena, MD
"Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Corticosteroid Injection to High Energy Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy for Lateral Epicondylitis"

2017 Winner - LCDR K. J. Hippensteel, MD
"Functional Outcomes of Thumb Trapeziometacarpal Arthrodesis with a Locked Plate Versus Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition"