The purpose of the Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons (SOMOS) is to provide a forum for the interchange of medical knowledge as it relates to the practice of Orthopaedic surgery in the military. SOMOS shall hold at least one general meeting each year. This meeting shall be primarily of a scientific nature. The scientific meeting provides a forum for presentation of research papers in a collegial setting, wherein SOMOS members may seek critical and constructive analysis of their observations, conclusions, and recommendations. The annual meeting also provides numerous opportunities for SOMOS members to meet in an informal setting to establish or renew acquaintances, share recent experiences, and solve common problems.

SOMOS Vision Statement 

To be the recognized global authority in military, veteran, austere, and expeditionary musculoskeletal care.

SOMOS Mission Statement

To elevate the practice of military, austere, and expeditionary musculoskeletal care through leadership, education, research, mentorship, and collaboration.