E-Poster Presenter Requirements

Please go online to www.somos.org to complete the Mandatory Financial Disclosure Form, if your information needs to be updated since your abstract was submitted.   All co-authors must complete a Financial Disclosure Form in order for you to present at the meeting. It is your responsibility to have your co-authors go online to complete the form.   Disclosure information must be updated yearly.   This paperwork needs to be completed, and returned along with your Annual Meeting registration form and fee on or before September 10, 2018.  Your E-Poster presentation will be removed from the program if all of your co-authors do not complete the Disclosure Form by November 20th. 

The Financial Disclosure and FDA Forms attached to your acceptance letter are not optional. The ACCME requires the Mandatory Financial Disclosure Form be completed by all authors and coauthors and returned to our office in order for you to speak at the meeting. In addition, they require that the 1st or 2nd slide of your E-Poster include your disclosure statement.  This slide should outline the disclosure information included on the disclosure form. 

Refer to the E-Poster Instructions on the SOMOS website for E-Poster presentation preparation. Complete meeting information along with the Preliminary Program, that includes a list of E-Poster Presentations, are all available on the SOMOS website. 

All E-Poster Presentations are eligible for the Louis House Award.  The award will be selected at the meeting and the winner will receive $500, which will be presented at the Awards Dinner on Thursday night. 

The 60th Annual Meeting of SOMOS will be held December 10-14, 2018 at the Keystone Resort, Keystone, Colorado.  All the meeting information including social, recreation, hotel and registration are available on the SOMOS Website. You Should make your hotel reservation and register for the meeting nowAll abstract presenters receive the member registration fee and are required to register for the meeting.  If you are a Resident or Fellow, please register at the Resident/Fellow registration fee.

Poster Presenter Instructions

E-Posters are displayed Tuesday thru Friday, December 11-14 and are available for viewing from approximately 0600-1800, daily. 

Please Note:  E-Poster presenters will need to be available to answer questions Tuesday 0600-0700; Wednesday 0610-0710; Thursday 0600-0630 and 1120-1220; and Friday 0630-0730.

Posters at SOMOS will be in E-Poster format. E-Poster Preparation Instructions:      


  • Please use the template supplied on the website, with the main body of information on a white background with black font. You are free to alter surrounding color and layout, but please DO NOT change the slide size, which is the optimum size for the TV screen. 
  • Recommended fonts: Times New Roman, Calibri or Arial.  Other fonts may have cross-operating system display issues.
  • Recommended font size: 32pt or larger.
  • No more than FOUR slides per E-Poster.
  • Graphs and images can be embedded into your E-poster; but no video or animation.
  • IMPORTANT: Due to difference in operating system standards, formulas created on a Mac do not always translate correctly to a PC, so it’s highly recommended that you save formulas as images from a Mac.
  • Please forward your completed PowerPoint E-Poster to Heather Skinner at [email protected] no later than November 28. Please DO NOT convert to a PDF.



Without being able to actually view your presentation on our system before the meeting, you can get a good idea how it will look by using the following information.

  • View the presentation on a monitor or TV that is 1920×1080 pixels (1080p).  Even if the screen size is different, you’ll see how large things are in relation to each other.  Keep in mind that a smaller screen with the same resolution will have a higher pixel density than a large screen, so lines and images may not look quite as smooth on our monitors.
  • Make sure you follow our guidelines for font size.  Even if a small font looks good on a monitor, it may not on a bigger screen.  A larger font ensures that the text will be smooth and easily readable.
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Heather Skinner at [email protected].