Open Board of Directors Positions

SOMOS is seeking qualified individuals for the following open positions on the Board of Directors.

SECOND VICE PRESIDENT (Navy): The 2nd Vice President shall assist the 1st Vice President and President in the overall administration and business affairs of the SOMOS, and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President, including action as chief executive officer if the President and 1st Vice President are not available. The 2nd Vice President shall choose the site of the Annual meeting and Yearly conference for two years from the present date and work with the SOMOS to assure a successful meeting and conference. The 2nd Vice President shall obtain a written report from each Board Member for the Annual Board Meeting.  

Additional Duties:

A. Member, Nominating Committee
B. Member, Executive Board
C. Member, Awards Committee
D. Member, Finance Committee

RESIDENT REPRESENTATIVES (Navy):  Each branch of service (Air Force, Army, Navy) will be represented on the BOD by an Orthopaedic surgery resident. The responsibilities of these representatives will be to serve as liaisons between residents with military obligations, and SOMOS, as well as to represent the interests of Orthopaedic residents to the SOMOS BOD. The resident representative is elected during the R3 year or later and serves a term of 2 years. All efforts will be made to have the residents rotating off service in staggered fashion (1 during one year and 2 during the next year).

Additional Duties:
A. Member, Membership Committee
C. Member, SOMOS Research Committee
D. Member, Bylaws Committee (1 resident)
E. Member, Annual Meeting Committee (1 resident, service-specific)
F. Member, Finance Committee (1 resident)


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